Two dead in knife attack at Ikea Västerås Sweden


A man and a woman was stabbed to death inside the Ikea in Västerås and a person’s life-threatening damage.The whole store is closed off and a large police operation in progress.

A man and a woman were killed in the attack, unfortunately, says Camilla Lundén, team-leader at the police Västmanland.

Knife attack occurred at 13 o’clock on Monday. The perpetrators were attacked three people in Ikea china department.

It was totally chaotic, people came running, and no one understood what had happened. Then we saw that one person lay lifeless inside the cutlery department, said a witness told Aftonbladet.

According to police, a man and woman dead. According to police spokesman on the spot, the dead have known each other.

They were familiar with each other, but I do not want to elaborate on their relationship, says Pär Strömbäck.

A third person, a man of 35 years old, has been transferred to the Västmanland hospital in Vasteras with life-threatening injuries. Severely damaged.

He is seriously injured and operas acute, said the hospital’s emergency room. Large parts of Erik Lund shopping center is cordoned off, and a large number of police patrols and ambulances are on site.

The ambulance was there and the police are in place, says Anna Pilkrona Godden, press officer at Ikea.I do not have the whole picture, but it is an incident of a serious nature, she says.

One person has been arrested on suspicion of murder. The arrested person shall not be known by the police for any criminal record and was taken by the police outside the department store.

It should have gone quiet approach, says Pär Strömbäck.
“A terrible day”

Department store manager Mattias Johansson said earlier this afternoon that “three seemingly ordinary visitors must have been attacked.”

This is the absolute worst I have experienced. It’s a terrible day. My thoughts are with all the families who in some way are affected by what happened, he says to Aftonbladet.

Ikea is closed all day and crisis support in place.